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Aylesbury Estate In Three Pieces

15th June 2024
By greyscape
residential central asia

The Fading Reminders of Soviet Modernism in Central Asia

8th November 2019
By greyscape
The Jested Tower and Hotel ŠJů, Wikimedia Commons

Vladimir 518: Rethinking Architectural Narratives in Czech Architecture 1958 -1989

31st May 2024
By greyscape

‘Opposite Places, Common Traces’ at the Barbican

29th May 2024
By greyscape

We’ve a winner! Greyscape Photo Competition

6th June 2024
By greyscape


A lot of voices were heard – but weren’t listened to – NEWS UPDATE.

23rd October 2022
By greyscape
Walden 7 in Barcelona by architect Richard Bofill

Walden 7, Visiting A Little Piece of Utopian

How a 1948 book inspired a generation


15th October 2018
By greyscape
bulb shaped homes in Bolwoningen Holland Architecture

Bolwoningen Sphere Houses

Dries Kreijkamp, Dutch Architect who mused, “We all live on a sphere, so why not in a sphere?”

30th October 2018
By greyscape

London Estates; Modernist Council Housing 1946 – 1981

3rd March 2024
By greyscape