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concrete spomenik

Spomeniks – a heroic and terrible history caught in concrete

23rd February 2021
By greyscape

Trellick Tower 2021 Campaign #SaveTrellickHallofFame


18th February 2021
By greyscape
scapa design detail

The Tomba Brion Cemetery: Inside Carlo Scarpa’s Last Great Concrete Masterpiece

4th February 2021
By greyscape
Lingotto former fiat factory

Turin or Torino, both correct…it just depends on who you ask.

15th February 2021
By greyscape

Ballinhaus: Call it by its name

26th January 2021
By greyscape
bethesda residence photographer boris feldblyum

One Photographer’s Journey

It all started with a Smena 1 Camera

2nd January 2019
By greyscape
parking lot of Sears department store

A San Diego Story

14th January 2021
By greyscape
brutalist architecture in Skopje

How an earthquake brought Kenzo Tange to Skopje

13th January 2021
By greyscape
Berthold Lubetkin Bevin Court above buried Lenin bust

Very nearly called Lenin Court, Lubetkin’s Modernist Icon Bevin Court in the ‘Socialist Republic of Finsbury’

17th March 2019
By greyscape