Greyscape Photo Competition Winner

We’re delighted to announce that Daryl G. Morrissey’s image of Bastion House has won the Greyscape photo competition.


Bastion House. Image Daryl G Morrissey

We loved the photo because it captures Bastion at a less familiar angle, includes its roots in the Museum of London, also under threat, doesn’t shy away from the less attractive elements while fairly representing what’s make many people like the building  Technically and in terms of composition the photo is sophisticated.

Daryl shares,

‘There is something beautiful in brutalist architecture when you can see it in conjunction with older or even newer buildings’

‘…the way light and shadow seem to compete for your attention.’

Bastion House sadly remains at risk; for updates and how you can lend your support to the Barbican Quarter Action group, follow their campaign. 

Daryl will receive two Bastion House Mugs with graphic designs by Adam Nathanial Furman.

Find Daryl on Instagram at @london_the_unfinished_city/

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