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avant garde soviet architecture

Social Condensers – changing society through architecture

23rd September 2021
By greyscape
Roof elements, Czech Embassy

London’s Czech Embassy – Brutalist and Proud

6th November 2021
By greyscape
Der Spiegel Office

Verner Panton, the Danish architect and designer who took a generation on a psychedelic trip

29th October 2021
By greyscape
Arseniy Kotov Norilsk

Monumental Landscapes at Human Scale: Soviet Seasons

25th November 2020
By greyscape

Claude Parent; Curating the legacy of a visionary architect

14th October 2021
By greyscape
bucharest architecture

Exposing the real and raw face of Bucharest

8th October 2021
By greyscape
curved staircase

Camino Real Polanco, Mexico City

Uncompromising, bold colours, in-your-face geometry and the brilliant use of natural light

17th September 2021
By greyscape
View of mausebunker showing pipes protruding from side

‘Thinking Forward Through the Past’

20th September 2021
By greyscape

If you have a hankering to experience the vigour, invention and imagination of world-class street art a short walk from the Barbican Centre then head for Whitecross Street.

11th September 2021
By greyscape