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interior with concrete walls villa kaplansky

Villa Kaplansky Antwerp

17th March 2021
By greyscape
le havre volcan lit

Constructing the Concrete City; the post-war rebuilding of the port of Le Havre

12th March 2021
By greyscape
Kelenföld District 11 Budapest

Kelenföld’s journey to the Venice Biennale

9th March 2021
By greyscape
concrete spomenik

Spomeniks – a heroic and terrible history caught in concrete

23rd February 2021
By greyscape
in a golden light turin castle

Turin or Torino, both correct…it just depends on who you ask.

15th February 2021
By greyscape
French architecture Emile Aillaud

The Cloud Towers, Nanterre’s Tours Nuages

27th September 2019
By greyscape
no longer accessible

Soviet-era Cinema in Panevezys, Lithuania could not be saved

3rd March 2021
By greyscape

A window of opportunity

6th March 2021
By greyscape
housing in Banjica, Serbia

Banjica Бањица, neighbourhood, Belgrade, Serbia

11th February 2021
By greyscape