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We’ve a winner! Greyscape Photo Competition


A lot of voices were heard – but weren’t listened to – NEWS UPDATE.

View of mausebunker showing pipes protruding from side

The Inspiring Fight On The Ground To Save Berlin’s At-Risk Brutalism

Tokyo Architecture

Thinking outside the Box: The demolition of the Nakagin Capsule Tower and its possible reconstruction in the metaverse


concrete architecture

Looking back Looking forward: What has been lost and what can still be saved

Will the redevelopment of Cumbernauld Town Centre be another case of Fire and Forget

Marlene Poelzig Haus

Haus Marlene Poelzig: Why erasing women from architecture history is such a bad idea

Jos art history podcast

Jo’s Art History Podcast with Greyscape | The Barbican Living in an Architectural Experiment

no longer accessible

Soviet-era Cinema in Panevezys, Lithuania could not be saved


Trellick Tower 2021 Campaign #SaveTrellickHallofFame


Ballinhaus: Call it by its name

Gingerbread City for MoA

Take Part In The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread House City Exhibition:

It Takes A Village To Build A Gingerbread City

This photo oozes the optimism of US mid-century modernism. Richard Spencer's modernist house in Santa Monica. The famous Julian Shulman photograph with Spencer and his then wife Josephine Caruso standing either side of the fireplace.

The Accidental Archivist: George Smart and USModernist

soviet era cinema in lithuania

Sovietinio Modernizmo Kino Teatras Panevėžyje, Lietuvoje – pavojuje

corbusier's family home in Lausanne image at sunset towards the lake


A Global Photo Project Documenting Self-Isolation In The Age Of Covid-19

picasso mural behind scaffolding

Oslo’s most important International Modernist building ultimately disappeared before our eyes 

town hall brutalist architecture

#SOSBrutalism: Saving Beloved Concrete Monsters

Soaring columns add to the majesty of Chandigarh's High Court

Edmund Sumner: Another great artist gets behind #artistsupportpledge

Alison and Peter Smithson Robin Hood Gardens demolition

Robin Hood Gardens

Why the V&A took an unprecedented step


Czech Modernist Villa Volman newly restored

Villa Volman

Why was this Modernist house a short distance from Prague neglected and ignored for decades?

view of two blocks of the at risk Alton Estate

Alton Estate

The famed estate in Roehampton is at risk. Home to several thousand in a mix of flats and maisonettes, a perfect example of the work Rosemary Stjernstedt and her design team at the London County Council in the 1950s