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Bakhmetevsky Garage Moscow

architect Melnikov

Svobada Factory Club

Konstantin Melnikov's Rusakov Workers Club

Rusakov Workers Club

Aviamotornaya Metro Station, Moscow

new tretyakov gallery photographer Yuri Lapitskiy CC BY SA 2.0

New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

avant garde soviet architecture

Social Condensers – changing society through architecture

embroidery by Sasha Braulov

Sasha Braulov and the Inspiration of Constructivism

Melnikov Bakhmetevsky bus garage in Moscow Constructivist architecture

Konstantin Melnikov

Fighting for the preservation of important cultural heritage

The Constructivist Project

view of upper section of ostankino tower moscow

Spying On Moscow: Architecture Photographer Denis Esakov Reveals His Process

Moisei Ginzburg family archive

Moisei Ginzburg

soviet inspired photomontage of building and worker in Tashkent

Post-Socialist Realism – Contemporary Soviet collages

Mobius Strip Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Russia ARCHITECTURE

Constructivism: A New Generation Discovers its Heritage

bedroom of Melnikov House in Moscow family bedroom with golden walls

Melnikov House