platform moscow metro aviamotornaya Mokba

Aviamotornaya Metro Station, Moscow


The historic Serp & Molot industrial plant (translates as Hammer and Sickle), a 58-hectare site in the Lefortovo District has been reimagined and regenerated by British architects LDA Design and UHA London.  Today it is home to residential development, gardens, a recreational area and in a later stage will welcome a new theatre. The new section of the Nekrasovskaya line includes this new station which reaches into the heart of the district.

The original factory, the Guzhon Plant, was built in 1884 and until 1917 it was known as Association of the Moscow Metallic Plant. In the 1920s it became the Moscow State Metallic Plant. By 2011 it was decommissioned and plans to redevelop the area began in earnest quickly with a prestigious international competition which was won by LDA and UHA


station sign aviamotonaya metro


Metro images Eugeny Korolev ©


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