Moisei Ginzburg family archive

Moisei Ginzburg

Moisei Yakovlevich Ginzburg


Supporter of ‘disurbanism’


Founder of OSA Group (the Soviet Organization of Contemporary Architects) with Aleksander Vesnin

Key figure in the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences

Buildings include:

Gosstrakh apartments, Moscow

Narkomfin Building Moscow with Ignati Milinis

Designer of the ‘Green City project’ with Mikhail Barsch, a radical rethink of how Moscow should develop

Part of the group of architects who developed the Crimean coastline

Government offices in Alma-Ata

Soviet delegate to CIAM 1928-1932

Image Moisei Ginzburg family archive

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Wednesday September 2019
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Moisei Ginzburg family archive
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