A Global Photo Project Documenting Self-Isolation

In The Age Of Covid-19


corbusier's family home in Lausanne image at sunset towards the lake

Villa ‘le lac’ Le Corbusier: Image Patrick Moser, Conservateur – Curator

For those of you who have already contributed, you’ll  know that this all started back in the spring of 2020 when the Covid 19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, sitting at a table looking out of the window it suddenly occurred to us that there is an opportunity to share with the Greyscape community the view from your window, your rooftop or your balcony using the hashtag #theviewfrommywindowphotoproject

Looking back to March 2020 what happened was sudden and mostly unexpected. For many of us, we find ourselves confined to our homes with or without family for we didn’t know how long.

The view from my window project first time round captured what we saw in front of us. Our views, some scenic, some utterly urban, some concrete, light-limited or sun-flooded. Now we have an opportunity to share with each other what we are all simply seeing from our window.

Many of the photos we received have been collated into a dedicated post.

Send your photo to us here at  info@greyscape.com or direct message us via Instagram to www.instagram.com/barbican_city_of_london/ or send a message on Twitter at @BarbicanL


Here is the link to the gallery of photos which is evolving with new uploads every day

Click on the individual photo for photographer details and location

All images are the copyright of the individual photographer

Featured Image by Patrick Moser, Conservateur – Curator Villa ‘Le Lac’ Le Corbusier, Corseaux, Switzerland 


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