Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin

8th March 2023
By greyscape

A window of opportunity

6th March 2021
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art work at Pallasseum Sozialpalast Berlin

Berlin’s Concrete Pallasseum and What Lies Beneath

8th August 2019
By greyscape
Akademiebusen concrete spheres Aldershof Germany

Akademiebusen, Lost in Concrete

Attention-grabbing huge DDR era concrete brutalist spheres


25th March 2019
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Gardenstadt Falkenberg German Modernist Estate

Six modernist Berlin housing settlements that UNESCO love

12th March 2019
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Berlin's TV Tower view from a high building


There are a few really peachy places to visit to photograph a modern architectural icon

13th November 2017
By greyscape
Berlin Hufeisensiedlung Bruno Taut

Berlin: A Magnificent Architectural Journey
A key city in Europe that has regularly been remade.

8th July 2017
By greyscape