Berlin: A Magnificent Architectural Journey

A key city in Europe that has regularly been remade.

Now once again a centre of creativity, there are too many reasons why you should go to mention, but perhaps a few architectural prompts will help. Each building and each architect is a reminder of a city steeped in the story of the 20th Century.


Facade of post war berlin housing estate

Pallasseum, Schöneberg, Berlin Image Dario Lorenzini


unite d'habitation berlin

Cobusierhaus Berlin Image Alisa Bobina


View of mausebunker showing pipes protruding from side

Mäusebunker Architects: Gerd Hänska, Kurt Schmersow, 1967–1981, Krahmerstraße, Berlin-Lichterfelde Image Gunnar Klack


Hufeisensiedlung by Bruno Taut

Hufeisensiedlung Estate Berlin-Britz:Award winning interior of Tautes Heim restored by Katrin Lesser & Ben Buschfeld CC BY 3.0


Berlin Hufeisensiedlung Bruno Taut

Berlin ‘Hufeisensiedlung’ Horseshoe Estate © A.Savin, Wiki Commons


St Adalbert Kirche austrian modernist architect

St Adalbert Berlin Mitte, Linienstrasse 101 Germany 1933 Image: Jorg Zagel CC BY SA 3.0


St Agnes Church Konig Gallerie

St Agnes Church Image Howard Morris ©


thermokonstante concrete spheres akademiebusen Germany

Akademiebusen Berlin Morris Scheffler ©


Großsiedlung Britz Siedlung Fritz-Reuter-Allee

Großsiedlung Britz Siedlung, Fritz Reuter Allee: Image Fridolin Freudenfelt CC BY SA 4.0

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