Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Pennsylvania

Lloyd Wright, Frank

Designed as a retreat on property owned by the Kaufmann Family at Bear Run, Pensylvania. The family asked that it be built with a view of the waterfall, Frank Lloyd Wright instead built the home on to of the waterful. Memorable, extraordinary, exciting, not to be missed. Built in 1935 in a remote spot yet easy to reach from Pittsburgh, it went widely over budget but today we would argue that whatever the sum was it was worth every penny.

The home is located in the Western Pensylvania Conservancy established in 1932, it helped establish and develop a huge swathe of the state including Pensylvania state parks and has helped protect a quarter of a million acres of land and protect 3,000 miles of river and streams. Today it operates and lovingly cares for Fallingwater.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Pennsylvania


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