soviet union

Entrance boarded up Buzludzha Memorial House

When the message associated with a symbol changes:

What should Bulgaria do with the Buzludzha Memorial House?

28th August 2020
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Fighting for the preservation of important cultural heritage

The Constructivist Project

7th June 2020
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Not a church but used for weddings but might be mistaken for a place of worship, the Palace of Ceremonies and Rituals

Explore The Former Soviet Union With An Exclusive GreyScape – Soviet ★ Tours – Curated Visit


15th March 2020
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soviet inspired photomontage of building and worker in Tashkent

Post-Socialist Realism – Contemporary Soviet Collages

24th January 2020
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arial view of sanitorium druzbha

Druzhba Sanatorium 

15th December 2018
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