Snapshot Bucharest


spiral staircase in residential building

Downtown Bucharest 1930s


What better way to see a city than through the eyes of a local tour guide who’s willing to,

‘dig deep to discover the past history exploring, documenting and exposing the real and raw face of Bucharest’

For more than 15 years Cristi Radu has been showing the great city of Bucharest to visitors from around the world.

From the belle époque, turn-of-the-century iconic Victory Avenue downtown also with some 1930s Manhattan influences to the new Civic Centre, a 1980s totalitarian utopia turned current dystopia dominated by the surroundings of the largest Parliament in the world, this city is an eclectic collection of bold and subtle architectural styles reflecting its history over more than 550 years.  Between the two great wars of the twentieth century, Bucharest’s love of modernist architecture and sophistication led it to be called Paris of the East.

While war and communism destroyed much of this architectural heritage much has survived as Cristi’s photo show.


Bucur Maternity Hospital downtown Bucharest


bucharest architecture

Bucharest residential building entrance hall 1930s



1950s housing project in Northern Romania


Interwar years architecture Romania

Adriatica Tower, part of a historic Insurance Company in the former financial district of Bucharest Old Town 1933 Architect Rudolf Fraenkel


upview inner courtyard Bucharest

The inner courtyard of a 1930s residential block, rectangular balconies connect the apartments to the former servants quarters.


1940s residential Modernist block, Vatra Luminoasa Bucharest


bucharest residential building

Socialist-Modernist collective housing project in Vatra Luminoasä district. Four floors four different decorative styles.


spiral staircase Bucharest

Art Deco, residential block with mosaic paved floor, downtown Bucharest early 1930s


Clock Tower of North Station Bucharest 1930s (clock not working)


Raiden Bucharest


Modernist architecture Romania

Downtown Bucharest with a vintage car



residential appartments Bucharest

Corner Residence downtown Bucharest I930s


Bucharest Architecture

Inner courtyard of a collective housing project 1959-1960 downtown Bucharest


Residential Building in the former Jewish quarter, Bucarest 1930s


All images the Copyright of Cristi Radu. You can find him on Instagram at @raidenbucharest

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