Palazzo di Giustizia di Matera

Do not mess with the strong arm of the law



When people think of Matera their mind naturally turns either to the Sassi homes dug out of rock, which have been occupied as dwellings for thousands of years ,or to “No Time To Die“. Fans of James Bond have an ah-ha moment recognising Matera as a location in the movie. However, what people may well be missing out on is this fabulous brutalist building in the downtown area. Its architect, Vincenzo Baldoni, has his fingerprints all over Matera, a key figure in the creation of the post-war General Town Plan.



Spotted recently by architect and photographer, Carlos Fumarola, its ‘massive presence’ stopped him in his tracks. The Palazzo di Giustizia di Matera is the local court and ‘as it is meant to be’, Carlo muses, sends out the clear message, ‘do not mess with the strong arm of the law!’

Images Copyright of Carlo Fumarola

Find Carlo on Instagram @carlo1978

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