Singer-songwriter Genevieve offers a Dreamy insiders view from the 42nd floor of the Barbican

Raised in London, the fusion of the music and architecture in singer-songwriter Genevieve’s debut release was always bound to catch our eye.


barbican video shoot for 'Dreams'

The choice of location by creative director Marion Bergin was not by chance, Genevieve explains;

‘We chose the Barbican because the song was actually penned here on the 42nd floor. We both felt a draw to the Barbican because its such an unusual backdrop in a city like London, a city within a city that has a surreal sort of disorientating dreamscape to it, the heavy concrete structural elements providing contrast to the more stylised ephemeral elements we also wanted to include’.

barbican video shoot for 'Dreams'

Genevieve Dreams filmed at the Barbican

‘The Barbican has become something of a music video cliche with many artists chasing to shoot there for obvious reasons but Marion took on the challenge of finding new perspectives when shot planning to ensure that the final result stood apart from what is a well-loved architectural icon in the creative industries. Marion studied history of architecture as part of her History of Art degree so she has an academic appreciation of the genre too’.
‘Despite the monolithic appearance of brutalist buildings’ Genevieve continues, ‘there’s something serene and the architectural expression the solid lines are grounding. Fabricating how insignificant you are, resuming a sense of calm. In London brutalism really stands apart as a very distinct architectural style in a city that can have quite a staccato appearance’.

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