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By Greyscape
9th November 2019

Greyscape contributor, Nathan Lopez shares some of his visitor tips:
Amir Timur Square for its grand imposing architecture
Watch the facade of the massive Hotel Uzbekistan’s facade turn from white to orange at sunset.
Explore the metro system, get off the train onto each magnificent station platform.

National Food next to Tashkent Circus, like time travelling back to Soviet times Metro: Gafur Gulom on the Blue Ozbekiston Line
Read about Nathan’s recent trip  ‘The fading reminder of Soviet Modernism in Central Asia’

Greyscape Recommends

Shurpa a soup which typically has large pieces of mutton in it,  Manti a spicy dumpling, Samsa clay oven-baked dough typically with spicy meat filling, Plov a local meat pilaf with carrots and raisins
Fuel Publishings’ Soviet Asia by Fuel Publishing.
Hamid Ismailov’s The Devils Dance or The Railway
Tashkent Museum of Railway Equipment (Soviet locomotives in an open-air space)
Ilkohm Theatre of Mark Weil, a creative independent theatre company founded by the late former dissident Mark Yacolevich Weil during the Soviet era, read his Guardian Obituary 

Photo Credits: Nathan Lopez ©

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