brutalist housing estate internal walkway

Rozzol Melara, Trieste, Italy

By Greyscape
9th August 2019

A Brutalist residential housing complex 4km outside the centre of  Trieste, Italy.

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s La Tourette in Éveux-Sur-l’Arbresle, this Italian estate designed to be an ‘independent village’ combining huge concrete blocks with walkways and bridges was built between 1969-1982. It looks, as it was, that the estate was designed by a committee, many architects were involved.

The first of its 2500 residents moved into their new home in 1979, ultimately 468 apartments were built and the project took another three years to complete. It aspired to be a model for modern social housing, in fact, it became the byword for how not to build a community. The challenges were a combination of the sheer physical presence of its concrete parts and design which made its residents feel decidedly unsafe.

Images of Rozzol Melara Copyright of Dario Lorenzini

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Photo Credits: Dario Lorinzini

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