Le Havre at Sunset

Only a local would know: Le Havre

By Greyscape
31st March 2021

We asked Constance Grandin, Director of Communications for Le Havre for the inside groove!

Best Bakery and Best Bar 

La Grange à pains, but most bakeries are making delicious food. La Petite Trade, a must for a drink facing the sea

The local regional dish we should all try, and where to try it:

Norman crepe (camembert & apple) with brut cider at Crêperie Les Korrigans. Local fish or mussels at Bistrot Parisien or fine local dishes at Le Country Club (expensive + but the best view you can imagine to eat)

Best day trip from Le Havre :

Etretat’s cliff, it’s over 30 minutes by car with amazing views. Or, not so far: Honfleur and Trouville are two charming cities for their history around painting and local gastronomy

Best book: 500 ans d’anecdotes by Sophie Guillaume-Petit and Christine Denis-Huot,  Le Havre, ville graphique by Pierre Lenoir Vaquero (a local artist who hold a beer shop called La cave à bière)

And for some background vibes:

Song : Le frunkp – Alphone Brown aka Michaël Youn… Greyscape note: think a mashup of funk and rap

Films :

Le quai des Brumes by Marcel Carné (famous french movie in black and white), Disco by Fabien Onteniente (a comedy with beautiful plans of the city and the harbour), Mortel, the Netflix series which show another face of the city and its suburbs.

Photo Credits: Etretat Nature Image Grain Photographique ©

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