barbican lake with reflection on to water of buildings

Barbican Lake

By Greyscape
10th July 2017

The Barbican Estate built by Chamberlain, Powell and Bon took a dream and a vision conceived on a bomb shattered piece of land in the centre of the City of London.

Brutalism has many different elements and what to some seems angular and unforgiving to others is calm and tranquil. An important component of what makes the Barbican work so perfectly as an environment to live in is the balance between hard architecture and calm water and wildlife. Basically a brutalist building is a brilliant building to live in.

The estate was made, according to from poured in-situ reinforced concrete (the staining actually adds something atmospherically). Other columns have exposed surfaces pick hammered and smaller areas bush-hammered exposing Pen Lee aggragate with glazed engineering brick cladding.


Photo Credits: Howard Morris

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