Walter Gropius Bauhaus Directors' house Dessau Germany

Bauhaus Masters’ House

By Greyscape
12th May 2019

The Masters’ Houses, Bauhaus, Dessau are in a small, sparse, pine wood a few minutes walk from the school. Also commissioned by the city authorities of Dessau there was one detached house, for Walter Gropius, with three other semis each to be shared by two masters. We have never stopped wondering what sort of roomies Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky made? Or Moholy-Nagy and Lyonel Feininger? When in 1932 the Nazis took power in Dessau it was all up for the school, the Masters’ Houses and the masters’ careers – and lives were in danger. Close to the end of the war, two of the houses were destroyed in Allied bombing, another example of the waste of war. In 2014 two new buildings designed by Bruno Fioretti Marquez were built in their place but deliberately designed to be different from the surviving originals.  The pic is, rather obviously, of Walter Gropius’ house. He was the Director after all.

Photo Credits: Howard Morris ©

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