Theodor Fischer

German Architect, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at TU Munich and the first chairman of the Deutscher Werkbund.

Together with Hermann Muthesius, he cofounded the Deutscher Werkbund which took inspiration from the English Arts and Crafts movement. Fischer’s vision built the German Association of Craftsmen’s membership to more than 1800 members in six countries by the outbreak of World War One; he nurtured links between craftspeople and industrialists, contributing to creating a new German design industry suitable for the modern age. Fischer and Muthesius realised that the development of modern industries was key to a thriving economy,

A keen supporter of the Garden City movement, he was prolific. His notable buildings include public housing in Munich, Ledigenheim, the University of Jena, the Altes Theatre in Heilbronn (featured in the header), the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Kassel, and the State Museum in Wiesbaden.


Theodor Fischer 1862-1938

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