Japanese artist Kenzo Tange Yoyogi National Stadium

Kenzo Tange

Kenzo Tange, Japanese Architect 1913-2005. Osaka born, 1987 Pritzker Prize winner influenced by Corbusier and friend of Eero Saarinen. A key 20th-century Japanese architect and urbanist who designed nationally and internationally. An early member of the Metabolist movement. He came to world prominence when he was awarded the opportunity to build the national monument, the Hiroshima Peace Park. He is also remembered for his work in Skopje in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. His Pritzker prize winning citation noted;

“Given talent, energy, and a sufficiently long career, one may pass from being a breaker of new ground to being revered as a classic. This has been the happy fate of Kenzo Tange, who in his seventh decade, is celebrated as an architect of international stature. His stadiums for the Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 1964 have been described as among the most beautiful buildings of the twentieth century.”

japanese architect kenzo tange architecture

Memorial Hall Hyago Japan: Image m-louis CC BY SA 2.0

memorial hall hyago japan exterior view

Memorial Hall Hyago Japan: Image m-louis CC BY SA 2.0

japanese architect kenzo tange hyago memorial

Memorial Hall Hyago Japan: Image m-louis CC BY SA 2.0

kenzo tange architecture

Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo


Header Image CC BY 2.0 Photographer: Kanegen

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