Soviet Realism Krasnoyarsk

Stalinist Architecture

Architecture created 1930s to 1950s during Joseph Stalin’s leadership. Sometimes described as Stalinskiy or Socialist Classicism

Examples in Moscow include several of the city’s metro stations, the ‘Seven Sisters’, VDNKh, the gates at the entrance to Gorky Park

Banner Image by Alexander Klink  CC BY 4.0 House of the Soviets Krasnoyarsk

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Sunday June 2020
By Greyscape
The Brutalist, abandoned House of the Soviets, Kalininigrad by Alexander Shevtsov

Kaliningrad’s House of the Soviets, the Unintended Brutalist Monument to the USSR

Unfinished but not unloved.

Saturday April 2019
By Greyscape
bedroom of Melnikov House in Moscow family bedroom with golden walls

The Melnikov House

A family home for a prominent man, yet everyone slept in a single bedroom. 

Tuesday July 2017
By Greyscape