Kibbutz House Tel Aviv by Bauhaus architect Shmuel Mestechekin

Shmuel Mestechkin

Shmuel Mestechkin (1908-2004) born in Vailkov Ukraine, emigrated to British Mandate Palestine in 1923. He attended the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1930-1933. Aside from these few years in Germany, he spent his whole life in Tel Aviv. He worked for Joseph Neufeld and in 1937 opened his own office (according to Kibbutz: Architecture Without Precedents)

Recognised for his immense contribution to Kibbutz architecture, designs include Kibbutz House Artzi (HQ of one of the Kibbutz movements aligned to Hashomar Hatzair youth movement) , Kibbutz Dafna and Beit Hayotzer’s visitor’s centre.

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