Entrance to area of La Muralla Roja

Ricardo Bofill

In 1963 Ricardo Bofill created with his sister Anna an architects workshop, the name stuck and today Taller de Arquitectura Group is an internationally renowned multi-disciplinary practice.

Born in 1939, Bofill the son of a property developer had intended to study architecture in his home city of Barcelona at the Barcelona University School of Architecture Barcelona’s Escuela Superior de Arquitectura. However, that idea was derailed when (in what was still Franco’s Spain) he was expelled after a year for his communist allegiances. He headed out of the country and completed his studies at the Geneva School of Architecture.

He returned to Spain, and in 1963 he gathered together what would have been in those days an unconventional group, a filmmaker, an economist, an urban planner, an architect and a poet.

The practice thrived and he became widely known for his social housing commissions such as 1982 social housing project on the outskirts of Paris, Les Espaces D’Abraxas. Equally they have designed headquarters for Dior and other luxury brands

Today the group’s home is a former cement factory, La Fábrica, he moved the headquarters of his operation there in 1975 and today it doubles as both a home and workspace. The group has offices in New York, Paris and Barcelona.

Two pull out two of his projects from a stellar career:

Walden 7

La Muralla Roja





Image Lukas Schlatter ©

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