Ginásio Nilson Nelson

Nilson Nelson Gymnasium

Nilson Nelson Gymnasium aka Ginásio Nilson Nelson is a sports stadium in Brasilia, Brazil. It is part of the Arytan Senna sports complex. The architects were Icaro de Castro Mello, Eduardo de Castro Mello and Claudio Cianciarullo.

Icaro Castro Mello was an academic and architect at the Department of Sports and a successful sportsman in his own right. He was part of the Brazilian pole vaulter team in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Later he became a Professor in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism in São Paulo. During his prolific career, he built more than a hundred stadiums.


Nilson Nelson Sporting Arena Image Cayambe CC BY SA 3.0

The aerial image is by photographer Maurício Ferreira de Araújo ©

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