interior view of Villa by Nachman Kaplansky

Nachman Kaplansky


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Born in Bielsk Podlaski in 1904 in what was then Poland, the Kaplansky family moved to Antwerp in 1925 having spent some time in Tel Aviv. Nathan studied architecture in the city’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Working mostly for private clients, he is credited with creating a series of modernist, international style homes in Antwerp principally for the Jewish community.

Amongst his projects:

Henri Couturier House

Villa Kaplansky

Swart House in Belgiëlei

Résidence Prince Albert in Prince Albert Park

Burgerhuis Diercxsens


Villa Kaplansky 1934. Rebuilt in 1962 and after  2000 restored by B-architecten in 1962

Villa Kleinkramner

House for Silberman family

He was compelled to flee Belgium in May 1940 as the Nazis rolled over the border into Belgium, which had been a neutral country in WW1, to avoid deportation and racial discrimination. He got to British Mandate Palestine.

Image B-bis architecten Photographer ©Ilse Liekens

Credit for details of homes: Immovable Heritage Agency, an agency and scientific institution of the Flemish government

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