group of four people 1922 russia lazar khidekel second from left

Lazar Khidekel Suprematist

Khidekel studied at Vitebsk School of Art where he met El Lissitzky and Malevich. He was a founder member of UNOVIS, (Champions of the New Art group). Self-describing as an artist-architect, he was recognised as an early member of the Russian avant-garde who translated Suprematist ideas into architectural forms.
Khidekel studied architecture in Petrograd (formerly Saint Petersburgh) and worked on the 1926 Moscow Workers Club an early Suprematists architectural project. What made Lazar Khidekel so interesting was how prolific and imaginative he was from early on, he visualised new cities, dreamy out-of-space cities.
He fell out of favour with the government in the 1930s nevertheless continuing to design concepts for floating cities well into the early 1960s,
In the photo with three others taken in 192, Lazar is second from the left.
black and white photo of the students and professors of UNOVIS

UNOVIS students and professors Image Public Domain

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