Iwan Iwanoff

Iwan Iwanoff

Born in Kyulstendal Bulgaria in 1919. His early education was in fine arts and in 1941 he relocated to Munich to study at TU Munich, gaining his Diploma of Engineering and Architecture in 1946. He left Germany with his wife in 1950 heading for Australia – the alternative would have been to remain in Germany or return to Bulgaria which was now under Soviet rule.

Iwanoff began a new life in Perth, Western Australia. For several years his qualification was not recognised in Australia but he was able to work in an architectural practice. At one point he actually registered in West Germany as an architect. Eventually, the situation rectified itself and he became an Australian citizen opening his own practice ‘The Studio of Iwanoff’ in Perth in 1963, he was also welcomed into the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Today some of his work is categorized as Brutalist by some, and others say it defies definition, clearly, there is a strong modernist influence. Amongst his memorable buildings are the Paganin House (now renovated after a devastating fire).

Image of Schmidt-Lademann House Fritz Kos CC BY SA 4.0


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