Boris Iofan


Soviet architect

Works include the Soviet Pavilion for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair, the Moscow Palace of the Soviets and the 1929 Moscow, House on the Embankment


Image NVO CC BY SA 2.5

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The Brutalist, abandoned House of the Soviets, Kalininigrad by Alexander Shevtsov

Kaliningrad’s House of the Soviets, the Unintended Brutalist Monument to the USSR

Unfinished but not unloved.

Saturday April 2019
By Greyscape
bedroom of Melnikov House in Moscow family bedroom with golden walls

The Melnikov House

A family home for a prominent man, yet everyone slept in a single bedroom. 

Tuesday July 2017
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constructivist white tower russia Moisei Rechter

The White Tower Yekaterinburg

Bitterly cold, stark uncompromising weather was the perfect backdrop to my visit to Yekaterinburg in Russia to photograph an iconic landmark.

Monday March 2018
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