einstein tower renovated

Der Ring

Collective of young architects in Germany whose aim was to promote and foster understanding of Modernism. Founded in 1926 and dissolved in 1933 when the Nazi party came into power.



Walter Behrendt

Peter Behrens Ring of Ten

Hans Scharoun

Fred Forbat

Paul Rudolf Henning

Erich Mendelsohn Ring of Ten

Martin Wagner

Otto Bartning ‘Ring of Ten’

Hugo Harring Ring of Ten

Hans Poelzig Ring of Ten

Arthur Korn

Max Taut

Bruno Taut

Hans Luckhardt

Wassili Luckhardt

Heinrich Tessenow

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Ring of Ten

Walter Schilbach

Hans Poelzig Ring of Ten


Richard Döcker


Walter Gropius

Ludwig Hilberseimer

Celle Lower Saxony

Otto Haesler


Carl Krayl


Ernst May

Adolf Meyer


Bernhard Pankok

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