Craig Ellewood

‘the Cary Grant of architecture’

Texan-born Jonnie Burke’s family moved to California when he was a teen. He trained as an engineer and opened a construction company with his family called Craig Ellewood. Whilst the company lasted bearly two years the name lingered and Jonnie changed his name officially to Craig Ellewood.

He worked for Lamport Cofer Salzman whilst they were building Case Study Houses which were part of the programme developed for Arts and Architecture magazine by its editor, John Entenza. Invited to take part in the Case Study Program he designed highly regarded houses 16, 17 and 18.

Important projects include the Weekend House in San Luis Obispo and a family home for the Kublys which gave him his other monika ‘ the Californian Mies’

Regardless that he was not formally trained as an architect, such was his standing that later he was invited to lecture at Yale and UCLA


Graig Ellewood



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