Antonio Guacci

Professor Antonio Guacci 1912-1995

An Architect, Civil Engineer, Painter, Sculpture, Engraver and Academic, Guacci taught Design and Architecture at the University of Trieste.

He was best known for his design of the Marian Temple of Monte Grisa, which he based on the sketches of Antonio Santin, the wartime Bishop of Trieste-Capodistria. The Bishop had prayed for the safety of the City of Trieste during the anti-Nazi uprising of April 30th 1945.

The memorial was finally built in the mid-60s and inaugurated in 1966.  Guacci’s design was inspired by the mathematical formulae known as the Euler Triangle, diamond shapes and the letter M to evoke the memory of Mother Mary.

brutalist detail in trieste church

Facade with geometric detail

Temple of Monte Grisa, Santuario mariano di Monte Grisa, Trieste Images Andreas Mainssinger CC BY SA 2.0

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