Preston Bus Station Zine: Dead and Buried

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Preston Bus Station Zine by Cafe Royal Documentary Publishing.

Published on the occasion of PBS 50th anniversary.

Preston Bus Station, Dead and Buried includes aspects of the bus station that no longer exist or are no longer in use, including the dimly-lit, somewhat terrifying, but good, underpass to the station.

This is a startling series of zines capturing the iconic bus station through the eyes of photographer, and creator of Cafe Royal, Craig Atkinson. This is Dead and Buried, (the rest of the series available from Greyscape are Pie and Blow Dry, Lost and Found, Exit Town Centre, Babies Ladies and Gentlemen and Up and Over).

This zine captures the mood and essence of Britain and touch on both the architecture and how people interact with it. Each zine in the series focuses on a different aspect of Craig’s experience when he visited the bus station. The first edition was photographed in 2014 which makes these even more fascinating as the station has been recently refurbished (and we are delighted at Greyscape to receive the first of the new batch of zines.)

Café Royal Books publishes limited edition Photobooks coveted by fans and collected by major institutions. The Zines focus on British documentary photography. Café Royal is run and founded by Craig Atkinson.

Craig explains ‘My aim is to create a focussed and complete archive of British documentary photography. I publish roughly 70 titles each year with a small edition ‘archive box’ every 100th title. These archive boxes are aimed at major collections, libraries and museums — helping to increase the visibility of the work and making the books publicly accessible for as long as possible. Collectors are wide and varied but include, MoMA NY, Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, The British Library, The Hyman Collection, Martin Parr Foundation, TATE, V&A / National Art Library’.

If you would like the set rather than the single editions please drop us a line to info@greyscape.com Single Zines are £6.00 each

36 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital

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