London Tube Stations 1924-1961, Philip Butler and Joshua Abbott

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The perfect guide through the tube networks Modernist gems. London Tube Stations 1924-1961 ‘catalogues and showcases the surviving stations from this innovative period and later examples influenced by it.’

Contemporary photographs by Philip Butler, annotated with a station-by-station overview by Joshua Abbott.

The book presents ‘each period of development, Line by Line, with contemporary photos of all the surviving stations. All the key stations have a double-page spread, with a primary exterior photo with one or two supporting images. A broader introduction, illustrated with photos from the London Transport Museum, gives historical context, while a closing chapter lists the demolished examples with further period images.’

About the authors:

Joshua Abbott is a writer, photographer and tour guide who is the creator of Modernism in Metro-Land. We huge fans of his series of architecural mini guides (all available through Greyscape).

Philip Butler is a photographer who documents the UK’s surviving Modernist and Art Deco architecture.


200 pages


Published by Fuel


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