Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright 2-in-1 Double Sided Puzzle

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Gift Wrapping Service

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Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright 2-in-1 Double-Sided puzzle by Galison. A wonderful gift for any Wrightian, on one side is the exterior of Fallingwater, the country retreat Lloyd Wright built for the Kaufmann family in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.  On the flip side is an aerial blueprint of the grounds.

Designed by Galison with artwork by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Why we love this!

Two-sided (one glossy and one matte) with a distinct design on each side

Box also contains information about Frank Lloyd Wright

Completed puzzle 61cm x 46cm

Box 30 x 21 cm

Learn more about Fallingwater 

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 33.0 × 23.0 × 6.0 cm

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