Expo 58 Soviet Pavilion postcard

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A curious tale – of lost replica sputniks – the cold war played out in Brussels. Yep, Expo 58 Brussels Expo World Fair, the first post World War II.

This original authentic postcard is pop-in-a-postbox ready. It took three years to build the huge site (the Atomium still stands today).

The Soviet Pavillion, was unpacked and then repacked up and shipped back to Russia when Expo 58 ended. The American’s weren’t going to bother taking part until they heard the Russians were. We’ve also got some amazing card-paper booklets that aren’t just little pieces of 20th-century history they can also fold out and will make brilliant mounted posters.

Towards the back of the postcard is a statue of Lenin with the sputnik in front. The card states on the back ‘The Two Sputniks’ but we can only see one!

There’s a second postcard available which shows they weren’t averse to moving things around in the pavilion. Choose between the two or why not have both!



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