Eileen Gray, Her Life and Work

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New editions don’t always excite attention but this illustrated biography by Peter Adam is a cracker for so many reasons. Biographer and filmmaker Adam was in a unique position. In 1987 he wrote Eileen Gray: Architect/Designer. He was the only surviving person to properly know Gray and her sister, the artist Prunella Clough, late in Gray’s life.

Gray’s fanbase has grown enormously in the intervening years. E-1027 has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention and the modernist masterpiece is now operating on a safe and sustainable footing. It is a beautifully presented book with wonderful illustrations.

Peter Adam died a few months before the publication of this new book – he’d carved out a 22-year career as a BBC producer, was described by David Attenborough as “one of the key figures who helped to establish the character of BBC Two during its golden age” and wrote a number of other books about 20th-century art. He was friendly with everyone from Jean Cocteau to Man Ray and was made an Officier des Artes des Lettres by the French Government.

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