Debrutalising Brutalism Zine by Mel Gale

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Gift Wrapping Service

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We love artist and illustrator Mel Gale’s take on brutalist architecture (she’s a self-confessed fan) and her zine. She’s let her imagination run wild and she’s repurposed everything from the Nakagin Capsule building in  Tokyo to the Rugyong Hotel in Pyongyang North Korea and of course the Barbican.

The zine began life of the zine began in her Foundation Year studying art, she produced a series of linocuts on the subject of the Bristol Shot Tower. She shares, ‘Researching the project I encountered a number of comparisons to its form – most of them unrepeatable here but one described the tower as “Q Tip like” which I thought rather apt. This then got me thinking on how I could repurpose my own vision of the tower into an artwork that others may find engaging and humorous. I then had the idea of a giant lollipop’….. which, we are delighted to share has made its way into her brilliant zine.

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