Brutal Poland: Build Your Brutalist Polish People’s Republic

Prefabricated bloki and so much more!

If you’re going to be stuck indoors here’s a perfect way to discover the amazing array of designs from ‘cosmic flying saucers, raw concrete monoliths’

Zupagrafika have created 9 press-out models of ‘the socialist-era constructions that reshaped the Polish urban landscape destroyed by WW2’

Discover in more detail ‘the modernist and brutalist architecture erected in the former Polish People’s Republic and build some of its most striking edifices, from the massive housing estates of Warsaw, to the brutal Hotel Forum in Kraków’.

Brutal Poland is a kit, but it is actually more than that, designed by the Polish design duo at Zupagrafika it combines photos, text and an insight into the history from authentic voices.

The only thing you need to add is glue!

The book is bilingual (English & Polish) and includes a foreword by architectural historian Anna Cymer

9 press-out models to assemble:
Za Żelazną Bramą. Warsaw
Smolna 8. Warsaw
Hotel Forum. Kraków
‘Manhattan’. Łódź
Os. Orła Białego. Poznań
Falowiec. Gdańsk
Spodek. Katowice
Superjednostka. Katowice
Os. Plac Grunwaldzki. Wrocław

Author: Zupagrafika (David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka)
Photographs: David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka (with the exception of Hotel Forum, vv.aa)


88 Pages

Size: 24 x 32cm

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 40.00 × 5.00 × 35.0 cm

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