Archi-Doodle An Architect’s Activity Book

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Imagine a book where each image is partially drawn, so you get to finish it off. You can be faithful to the original or let your imagination take you off-grid. What’s so clever is that you don’t need to be the best artist but if you are really good you won’t feel you have to hold back. On the other hand if your skills are pretty basic that works too. Just feel you can draw, doodle and dream about the built environment. It is organised around a series of design drawing exercises that range from the amusing to the academic, from the informative to the inspirational. Amongst the 75 topics are the Pompidou Centre, ‘A house is a machine for living in’, a beach hut and Mies Van der Rohe’s Berlin Building Exhibition.

160 pages

22.0 x 1.91 x 27.3

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