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Barbican Estate and Lake City of London Brutalist architecture

Barbican Lake Image Howard Morris 2021


What can we say about 2021, one for the history books and to be honest we are glad to see the back of it. That being said there were some special moments. You embraced ‘View from my Window photo project’ and amazing photos flooded in as we were all locked down – from a Brandenburg Gate devoid of people to gnomes in Bethnal Green. Posts and photos reminded us of all the amazing spots we are looking forward to visiting or to see through your eyes when you visit, and while travel has become incredibly complicated, staying at home has meant discovering our own cities and countries in a way we might not otherwise have been able.


roman wall city of london

Barbican Estate, Roman Wall Image Howard Morris 2021


Buildings endure but they really aren’t indestructible and in the last year we have lost to thoughtless development some treasures.  Others are in danger and all the time weather and wear and tear take toll of our built heritage.  Let’s do what we can to preserve and value the buildings that have been left in our care.


And here’s a thank you from us for your support. Visits to this website and our Instagrams have continued to increase way beyond our expectations when first we started posting photos of our home spot, the Barbican.


concrete architecture

Barbican Estate Brutalist architecture Image Howard Morris 2021


We wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2022

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